Douaa Salim

Douaa Salim

Why did I stop discussing with Zionists?

At the beginning of my life, I used to hear directives to boycott the occupation at all levels, and specifically communications because of the absurd of the discussions between us.

It seems clearly today in our Palestinian reality, and as the Palestinian writer Martyr Ghassan Kanafani described it, as "a conversation between the sowrd and the neck."

With the spread of social media, it became very easy for a Palestinian to meet his land robber, who has many ideas and already has the right to express them in all ways, with almost complete absence of the another viewpoint, that is, the Palestinian point of view.

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this is due to many reasons, including the Palestinian political situation in addition to the security risks that faced by the Palestinian when he dared to disclose his vision, whether in Palestine or in Europe, he can simply be judged without going back to the origin of the conflict.

After many discussions that I followed, I concluded that the discussion between supporters of Palestine and the Zionists is not useful for several reasons.

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Some of them is:

- An Zionist occupier is a person who is completely convinced of his being an occupier, he knows that he lives safely instead of others who have been killed or live today in a refugee camp without rights and maybe in a house that is not suitable for human life.

- Discussing the crimes of ethnic cleansing, which he believes in and is proud of in face of the Palestinians, and then denying it in face of foreigners, Whereas, according to the armed community which he lives in, betting on human feelings on this site is completely unsuccessful.

- Occupiers transfers the discussion dramatically into discussion of religions (as if they were trained in this) and attaching the occupation and crimes against the Palestinians in the Ottoman era (Although the initial migration to the land of Palestine was with Ottoman approval) to attract anti-Islam people and using them to help in justify the crimes of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians and displacement of millions of people. 

- This is fertile soil for attracting many Anti-Islam supporters by deliberately ignoring that the Palestinians are a multi-religious people and among them Jews as well.

- An occupier can simply deny the crimes that are documented by the UN or turn it into a natural fact.

An example of this is the Deir Yassin massacre, which the occupiers say they did because the people of Deir Yassin bombed a supply line!

Although Deir Yassin has signed a peace agreement for the residents inability to defend themselves before the massacre.

In another side, they could have deleted up the fact of this massacre completely if had it not been documented internationally.

Many other notes prove the ineffectiveness of the debates between the supporters of palestine and the occupiers, especially with the presence of the Israeli specialized electronic units in the pursuit and the intensification of propaganda, in compare with a clear weakness in the appearance of the opposite viewpoint, due to the Palestinian situation and the Zionist media intensity, and because of the Zionist pressure on  Social media platforms to delete the Palestinian content and the accounts of their owners, for example, the accounts of thousands of Palestinian users were deleted from the Facebook platform shortly before.

Does this mean that all discussions should stop?

If we look at the cultural backgrounds of the supporters of the occupation in Palestine (with the exception of those who support the apartheid regime), we will find that the majority have a Zionist ideological culture since childhood by the curricula of governments, that is, the fertile environment for spreading Zionist propaganda is the ignorance of people and their complete ignorance of the crimes of ethnic cleansing.

They thought that "Israel" is the most democratic country in the world while ”Israel” has a long racist separation wall and an inhuman blockade of Gaza and millions of refugees deprived of their human rights, this constitutes a deep gap in their knowledge.

Focusing on spreading information in the societies (taking Zionist propaganda in mind for its latest updates) is the least harmful method of direct discussion with the occupiers.

Thus, time and effort can be saved and harnessed in the right place to bridge the knowledge gap or at least display the non-Zionist view, so that people can freely choose their positions, whether they later turned to the occupation or Palestine, instead of wasting efforts with people who (maybe) were recruite in electronic units to collect information for later use.