Mass march in Gaza to reject the annexation

Days of Palestine - Gaza

Palestinians of the Gaza Strip, on Wednesday, demonstrated to reject the American-Israeli annexation plan of the West Bank.

 Tens of thousands of Gazans waved Palestinian flags and chanted slogans against Israeli settlements and annexation plans, which could move ahead today.

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"This march shows our rejection of any plan of settlement or annexation" said the participants of the march.

They added that the Palestinian message to the Israeli occupation is that the annexation conspiracy would not pass and would be gone.

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"This is our land and we will defend it with all our power and energy."

Palestinians angrily oppose the US President Donald Trump's Middle East plan, which gives Israel the green light to annex Jewish settlements and other strategic territories in the West Bank.

Such annexations flagrantly violate international law and inflame tensions in the volatile region.

"We can't breath since 1948," a slogan was chanted by the Palestinian elders who suffered the Nakba, to express their rejection of the annexation plan.

Palestinians gather as one hand today to reject the Israeli annexation plan and to call on the international community and the United Nations to take urgent actions to stop this criminal act which violates International laws.

Netanyahu’s annexation plan, which is stated to be launched today, constitutes a declaration of war on the Palestinian people everywhere.