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Days of Palestine - Gaza

The Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council Monday called on the widest participation in the campaign "Parliamentarians against the Israeli annexation plan".

People's Representative Council of Indonesia launched the campaign on the occasion of the International Day of Parliamentarism which is celebrated every year on 30 June.

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Indonesian Parliament entirely repudiated Israel’s plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank in Palestine. Chair of the Indonesia-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group, Syahrul Aidi Maazat, who is also a member of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the House, called on the Indonesian government to remain consistent with its stance to denounce the plan, which violates international laws and UN resolutions.  

According to the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) politician, Indonesia can actually take the initiative to call upon all member countries of the UNSC to urge the UN to issue a resolution on this annexation plan. While the United States may have the veto power in the council, rejection of the plan can be done not only through words but also through foreign policy to prevent Israel's plan. For this reason, he believes that members of the UNSC must also take advantage of the impeachment inquiry and crisis of confidence in President Donald Trump ahead of the US election. 

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The campaign clearly calls for rejecting and condemning the Israeli annexation plan aimed at stealing Palestinian land and calling for intensifying the international diplomatic effort to stop the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people.

The Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council appreciate the international and parliamentary efforts rejecting the annexation scheme, calling for more parliamentary efforts to pressure governments to exert real pressure on the occupation state to stop the flagrant violations against the Palestinian people that target the land, the trees, and the human being.

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