Tweet sheets | #SiegeIsEpidemic

A- Video Tweets

1- This is happened because of siege. A 5-yr-old Palestinian child in Gaza died. People swim in sewage and have no electricity in their homes. 14 years of Israel's siege is ENOUGH! #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic 


2- Children living under siege in Gaza are suffering from a severe lack of infrastructure. Because of siege, 2 million are threatened to infected by coronavirus. #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic





















B- Photo Tweets

22- "Israel" has repeatedly undermined and damaged Gaza’s health system. #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic

23- The health system in Gaza has been affected by the 14-year imposed siege. #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic

24- The economic losses are estimated at $200 million.  #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic

25- The UN has said that Gaza will be unlivable by 2020.  #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic  

26- There are only 60 respirators in Gaza for nearly 2 million people. #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic

27- There is a shortage of equipment up to 50 percent of essential medicine, 25 percent of medical consumers, and 60 percent of laboratory supplies. #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic 








34- 80 percent of Gazans rely on humanitarian aid. #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic


























C- Text Tweets

61- Welcome to Gaza, where you find: -Unemployment and food insecurity are rampant -97 percent of drinking water is considered unsafe. -Power cuts are continuous. -Health care equipment and medicine are in short supply. -The list is on.  #SaveGazaFromCorona #SiegeIsEpidemic




















































































Bahaa Shammala
Act4Palestine Team