Mon. May 25 2020

Israeli Forces raze lands in Tulkarem, threaten to demolish shops in Nablus

May 19 2020

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Days Of Palestine - West Bank 

Israeli occupation forces on Monday razed vast tracts of Palestinian agricultural land in Tulkarem and threatened to demolish Palestinian structures in Nablus.

Activist Tahsin Hamed said that over 10 Israeli bulldozers, accompanied by Israeli Forces soldiers and armed settlers, bulldozed about 15 dunums of land owned by Palestinian citizens, which were planted with olive trees.

The Israeli forces claimed the lands were bulldozed to protect Jewish settlers because they are close to Avnei Hefetz Settlement, while in fact, activist Hamed noted, the move was aimed at making way for a new settlement expansion project in the area.

Hamed said that about a month ago, the Israeli forces closed the roads leading to these lands and prevented Palestinian farmers from reaching or working in their lands.

Meanwhile, the Israeli forces stormed Sebastia town in the West Bank district of Nablus and threatened to demolish several Palestinian shops and remove the Palestine flag placed at the town’s archaeological area.

Sebastia is subject to regular raids by Israeli forces-escorted Jewish settlers and members of the Knesset who aim to gradually take over the town’s archaeological area and turn it into Jewish shrines.

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