Tue. Apr 07 2020

Israeli soldiers broke her face, skull as she was protecting her kid from detention

“When I look at the mirror, I start weeping,” she said.

Feb 10 2020

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Israeli occupation forces harshly beaten Palestinian woman Rina Dirbas, 36, broke her face and skull as she was protecting her 14-year-old son from being detained.

About a month ago, Dirbas went back home to find a large number of the Israeli occupation forces inside her house.

She rushed inside to find them trying to detain her 14-year-old son, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The woman wanted to protect her son from being detained by the Israeli occupation forces, but they insisted they wanted to match him with the features of a child who was wanted over throwing stones at the Israeli military vehicles.

Dirbas insisted to accompany her little son. “When I was inside the military vehicle, I wanted to speak with the Israeli soldiers,” she said, “but a of them immediately hit me with the butt of his gun in my face and I fell unconscious.”

Later on, she found herself in the hospital. She had several surgeries in her skull and face and she is to undergo several follow up surgeries.

“When I look at the mirror, I start weeping,” she said.

Meanwhile, she said that the Israeli police tried to prevent her from filing a complaint against the Israeli soldiers.

“When I went to the police station to complain, the Israeli police treated me indifferently and claimed that I was hit with rock,” she said.

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