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Dozens in Britain protest Lebanese Labor Ministry restrictions

Jul 22 2019

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The Palestinian Forum in Britain on Sunday staged a protest near the Lebanese embassy in London in solidarity with the Palestinian refugees and workers in Lebanon following the latest decisions made by the Lebanese Ministry of Labor.

The Palestinian Forum released an official statement denouncing the discriminatory laws against Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

The protesters raised banners calling for maintaining the brotherly relations between the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples and praising the Lebanese sands taken on the popular and official levels against the Ministry of Labor's restrictions.

They stressed that the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have the right to work and live in dignity until they return to Palestine.

The Lebanese Minister of Labor recently launched a campaign that led to shutting down businesses owned by Palestinian refugees, imposing restrictions on Palestinian workers and banning many of them from working.

Based on an UNRWA report in 2019, nearly 36% of the Palestinian youths are unemployed, while 57% of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are jobless.

According to the Lebanese Central Administration of Statistics, 174,422 Palestinian refugees live in 12 camps and 156 communities in Lebanon's five governorates.



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