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Morocco Justice and Development Party: Deal of the century biased towards Israel

Jul 10 2019

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The Moroccan Justice and Development Party said yesterday that the US’ peace plan for the Middle East dubbed the “deal of the century” is “totally biased towards the Zionist entity [Israel]’s vision and interests and contrary to the requirements of international law and the international community’s decisions”.

The party expressed its “deep concern over the recent developments in the Palestinian issue, especially those related to attempts by some international parties to pass the so-called deal of the century”.

“The deal constitutes a clear threat to the historical and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and prejudices the legal status of Jerusalem,” it said.

Last month, a delegation from the Moroccan Ministry of Finance participated in the US-led “Peace to Prosperity” conference held in the Bahraini capital Manama which discussed the economic aspects of the American plan. The plan aims to inject investment in the form of grants and subsidised loans in Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, totaling $50 billion.

Thousands of Moroccans protested on 23 June in Rabat to reject the deal of the century and the Manama conference.

The plan has been slammed for forcing the Palestinians to make unfair concessions to Israel with regards to the issues of Jerusalem, refugees and the 1967 borders, in return for economic investments and development projects.

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