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Killed father, become orphans

Israel kills fathers and leaves their kids orphaned

Jun 12 2019

The children of Al-Judeili crying of the death of their father - (Photo File)
The children of Al-Judeili crying of the death of their father - (Photo File)
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When oppression increases, life becomes like hellfire. Israel deliberately kills fathers and mothers of Palestinian children leaving them to lead their lives down into the dark abyss. So how can a 5-year-old child stand in life without his parents,? Doomed to grief and sadness, this child’s life will never be the same again. .

Israel kills fathers and leaves their kids orphaned

In a dark night last January, Israeli settlers stole a life of a Palestinian father of 4 children and left his family suffering the ultimate tragedy of their father's death. In an attempt to raid the village where he was living and taking care of his children in the Al-Mughayyir village, east of the central occupied West Bank of Ramallah, Israeli settlers killed Hamdi Saadeh Naasan, 30, and injured 30 others.


So what sin did these children commit to  deserve to  endure the pain of losingtheir beloved father?!

He’s gone. All they can do is  scream and cry!

In Gaza, Israel practices all the kinds of torment against the residents starting with the siege it  has imposed on the enclave since 2007 and the 3 deadly major aggressions in 2008, 2012 and 2014, and other  attacks in between. Then, beginning from March 30th, 2018  the killing of more than 270 Palestinians and injuring dozens of thousands of others in the Great March of Return. Attacks and killing continue till this day.

On the first anniversary of Great March of Return, the day which marks the Palestinian Day Land, an Israeli sniper shot the Palestinian medic Mohammed Al-Judeili  with a rubber bullet in his head. Muhammed  succumbed to his serious injury on June 6, 2019.


Al-Judeili was a father of 4 children, the only  source of security for them. Basically, Israeli killed him while he was doing his humanitarian work of saving the lives of other injured protestors   and left his kids alone without a father who can care for  and provide them their basic needs.


His daughter Rama, 9, had no choice, but to scream and cry when she learned about her father’s death. There was nothing else she could do when she  was hit with a harsh reality bigger than her childhood brain could handle.

His son Adel, 10, cried and screamed, “ pray for my father”  in a  scene  that reflects the trauma of the child who is forced to  say goodbye to his father martyr.

As for Al-Judeili's widow, she  said heaving with sobs, “God bless him, he was so affectionate. He loved his kids so much and gave them whatever they asked. May God get revenge from the Israeli occupation for me and children’s loss. They didn’t have mercy on him. They fired  at a civilian who was unarmed and a medic.”


And the question which will have no answer: who will take care of these families who lost their principal breadwinners who were killed by the Israeli occupation.

The Silence is still there!

The world is in eerie silence. No one moves  to stop the Israeli occupation. Since the beginning of the Great March of Return,  Israel has killed more than 270 unarmed Palestinians and injured more than 20,000 others with different injuries, in addition to the continuous suffering of 2 million people under the 12-year blockade.

Gaza was declared by the UN to be unlivable by 2020, but it’s already become a concentration camp with life being sucked out of its people while Israeli occupation enjoys full impunity in perpetrating more crimes against the locked-up population in Gaza.

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Bahaa Shammala

Bahaa Shammala

A Palestinian freelance Journalist.

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