Sat. Aug 24 2019

Israeli navy shrinks fishing zone in Gaza waters

May 16 2019

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The Israeli occupation naval forces on Thursday morning informed Palestinian fishermen working off the shores of Gaza City through megaphones that the fishing zone would be shrunk to five nautical miles.

Zakariya Bakr, the official in charge of the fishermen committees, stated that Israeli gunboats opened fire at Palestinian fishermen during their work off the coast of Gaza City and forced them to go ashore without pulling back their fishing nets.

Bakr added that the Palestinian authorities was not officially informed about an Israeli decision to reduce fishing areas and that an announcement in this regard was only made through megaphones by the naval forces off the coast of Gaza City.

The occupation state recently extended the fishing areas off the shores of Gaza as part of truce understandings reached through Egyptian mediators with Israel.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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