Fri. Feb 21 2020

Israeli official: Israeli prime minister controls the United States

The Israeli official said that Netanyahu recognised during a meeting with US Secretary of State that Israel influence US policy.

Jan 03 2019

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Senior Israeli official revealed on Wednesday that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is controlling the United States of America, Israeli media reported.

This came as the senior Israeli official had revealed information about Netanyahu’s visit to Brazil, mainly his meeting with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Describing the domination of the Israeli agenda over the US affairs, the senior Israeli official said that Pompeo granted Netanyahu “seven out of eight” of his requirements.

He also said that Netanyahu came out of the meeting with Pompeo feeling that the Israeli occupation state has the ability to influence the US policy.

The senior Israeli officials said that the US and Israel are now working on plans that make US the protector of the Israeli occupation state.

It is worth noting that more than 25 American states have started to consider signing a pledge not to boycott or criticise the Israeli occupation as a requirement for getting a government employment.

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