Wed. Feb 26 2020

Israeli settlers kill Palestinian mother of 2 children

Israeli Jewish settlers go unpunished over such violations against the Palestinians.

Oct 13 2018

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Extremist Israeli Jewish settlers killed on Friday night Palestinian mother of two children Aisha Rabi, 45, in the north of occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Local sources said that the extremist Israeli Jewish settlers attacked Aisha in her head while she was travelling with her husband and two children in their private care near the illegal Israeli military checkpoint of Zaatara, south of Nablus.

According to the sources, who witnessed the attack, the Israeli settlers hit her with a large stone in the head, causing her a large injury.

Palestinian paramedics rushed to the scene and evacuated her immediately to a near Palestinian medical centre in Howwara.

Just a couple of minutes after he arrival in the medical centre, she was announced dead due to the critical injury in her head.

Aish is a sister of a Palestinian who had been killed by the Israeli occupation forces.

Of course, the attackers, who were protected by the Israeli occupation forces, went to their homes safely. Surely, they will never be punished as usual.

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