Kushner, Greenblatt, Friedman: Gang gets together against Gaza

Jared Kushner, Trump’s senior adviser, Jason Greenblatt, special US envoy to the Middle East, and David Friedman, US ambassador to Israel, gang go together to justify Israeli aggression on Gaza residents.

In an opinion piece published by the Washington Post, they said: “Help is at hand for Palestinians. It’s all up to Hamas,” where they expressed their concern for the continuing “nightmare.”

The relationship between the three men predates their work together in President Trump’s administration, as they have ties to the worlds of New York real estate and law.

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“The nightmare of Hamas’s leadership is continuing and needlessly prolonging the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” they said, ignoring that Hamas is a Palestinian movement that won overwhelming majority in the last free Palestinian genera elections held in 2006.

International donors are conflicted, the officials wrote. “Should they try to help the people directly, at the certain risk of enriching terrorists, or withhold funding to Hamas and watch the people it is supposed to govern suffer?”

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There’s no good option, they said: Either the government must change or Hamas must recognise the occupation state of Israel. The officials were not shy about their opinion on the matter.

“Seventy years after the founding of Israel, it would be wise for Hamas to acknowledge that the existence of Israel is a permanent reality,” they wrote.

“Almost all in the Middle East have come to accept this fact, and many even embrace it. At the expense of the Palestinian people, Hamas is fighting a morally bankrupt, decades-old war that has long been lost.”

In their piece, which was dedicated to attack and distort Hamas reputation, they ignored the 70 years of Zionist occupation of Palestine, the 12-year-old strict Israeli siege and the daily aggression on the Palestinians, the last of which was yesterday when the Israeli forces killed four Palestinians and wounded 210 others.