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Israeli-Arab MK: Israel shows contempt of Palestinian life

The MK accused Israel of being responsible for desperation of Gazans, who have been under a strict Israeli siege for more than 10 years.

Apr 03 2018

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Israelis see Palestinian life as cheap and any form of Palestinian protest as “illegitimate,” the head of the Joint Arab List party in the Israeli Knesset said on Monday.

MK Ayman Odeh, speaking on Israeli TV Channel 10 about the Palestinian protests took place on Friday, Palestine Land Day, on the Gaza border, said: “Look at how the Israeli public views people killed only three days ago. That is contempt for human life.”

He said that there was no form of Palestinian protest that was considered acceptable by Israelis. “If it is with weapons it is illegitimate. And if it is without weapons it is also illegitimate,” he said.

The lawmaker denied Israeli claims that Hamas was behind the demonstration, saying it had simply joined it along with various other Palestinian groups and organisations.

He also said that Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, was “under occupation.” “The problem,” he said, “is the occupying state” — Israel.

UN, Human Rights Watch and other international rights groups and bodies accused Israeli occupation forces of using lethal force against unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza as they killed 18 and wounded more than 1,560 others, including 49 suffering serious wounds.

“The army drew up this imaginary line and whoever crosses it — kill them. Period. Is that the only way to address this matter?”

Odeh also said Israel, which control’s Gaza’s border and coast, was ultimately responsible for Gazans’ desperation. “They closed Gaza, threw the key into the sea and said ‘We are not responsible.'”

The Israel Defense Forces claimed on Saturday that at least 10 of the Palestinian protesters killed by the Israeli occupation forces were members Hamas other Palestinian factions. The question here: Is it illegal for the Hamas members to take part in a peaceful protest?!

“The fire against the protesters again proves that Israel chooses a path of force and deliberate violence,” said the party in a statement. “All nations that have been under occupation fought against their occupiers, and the Palestinian nation is like any other nation.”

Source: Israeli TV Channel 10

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