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Days of Palestine is an electronic platform specialised in providing first-hand news, information, photos and videos about the Israeli occupation for Palestine straight from reporters, photographers and producers on the ground. This alone should be enough to make this platform worthy of your attention.

In addition, you will find our content strong, credible and uncensored. Depending on our news platform means, you are getting the latest updates about the Israeli occupation for Palestine and all other related issues.

We have, in our website, a special section specialised in exposing the Israeli violations and crimes against Palestine and the Palestinians.

Our policy

Members of the board of this platform believe in the right of Palestinians to live freely and with full sovereignty in their own homeland –Palestine. They believe that Zionism is an occupying power that enabled Zionist Jews to occupy Palestine with the help of world powers, including the UK, UN, USA and other western and Arab regimes.

Editorial standards

Every submission to our website is checked for accuracy, libel, copyright and style before it is posted. Any posted article that is subsequently found to contain factual inaccuracies, potentially libellous material or material that violates copyright is either amended or removed as soon as we become aware of this.


Our contributors

Our contributors are volunteer-writers who come from all walks of life – journalists, editors, academics, businesspeople, musicians and other political activists.

Some of the contributions are copied from friend websites, mainly opinion articles.


Copyright for articles posted on our website belongs to the author and not Days of Palestine.


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Write for Days of Palestine

Thank you for your interest in being part of Days of Palestine

Days of Palestine publishes original news content, opinion pieces, trending topics and breaking stories about Palestine, its people and its conflict with the Zionist Israeli occupation. We are interested in hearing from and publishing for individuals inside and outside Palestine, whether Palestinians or non-Palestinians. Articles must be written in English and will be reviewed by Days of Palestine’s editorial team.

The advantages of writing for Days of Palestine include:

Writing for one of the most well-respected, well-known and most resourceful websites dedicated to the Palestinian cause;

Read by hundreds of thousands of viewers every month;

Gain visibility of your personal brand and writing samples, since all articles appear on our feeds;

Developing oneself into an expert in your own field.

If you have any questions about our policies, writing guidelines or any area in terms of content, please email Chief Editor Motasem Ahmed Dalloul at 

Thank you for your interest in writing to Days of Palestine and we look forward to hearing from you!

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