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Top 2020 Democrats skipping AIPAC as US 'discourse shifts' on Palestine

By Ali Harb in Washington While thousands of pro-Israel lawmakers, lobbyists and delegates are expected to pour into the Washington Convention Centre over the weekend for the annual national&n

UN rights forum condemns Israeli use of force at deadly Gaza protests

GENEVA: The United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday condemned Israel’s “apparent intentional use of unlawful

Mahathir: Israel is a state of thieves

Dubbing Israel as “a state of thieves”, Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamed on Friday said his country enjoys friendly relations with every country in the world except for Israel.  “We are not a

UN Votes To Adopt Gaza HRC Report Slamming Israeli War Crimes

The United Nations Human Rights Council have voted to adopt report, accusing Israel of War Crimes committed against civilians during Gaza demonstrations. The UN Human Rights Council have adopted the UNHRC report on w

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas appointed Mohammad Shtayeh as prime minister

In an urgent letter confirming to the international parliaments that Shtayeh’s government is unconstitutional

During an urgent letter, Bahr affirms to the heads of Arab and international parliaments the unconstitutionality of the the Palestinian Authority’s government with its newly appointed Prime Minister-Mohammad Shtayeh. The First

Poll: 62% hold authority and occupation responsible for the Gaza crises

 A survey conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in the West Bank and Gaza Strip revealed a decline in the satisfaction of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza with the performance of President Mahmoud Abbas and


Palestinian Conference in London: Jerusalem will be always the Capital of Palestine

More than 200 people attended and participated the closing of the proceedings of the students' 11th Palestine conference, last saturday, which was organised by Olive - a British Palestinian Youth Organization - and FOSIS - the Federati

MADA calls on HRC to follow up on Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms -MADA- asked the Human Rights Council to take legal steps regarding the Israeli crimes committed against Palestinian journalists to  exert more efforts to follow up these Israe

UN to vote on investigation committe’s report that confirmed Israeli’s Perpetration of Crimes against Palestinian protesters

The UN Human Rights Council voted on March 15 to conduct an investigation into Israel's killing of Palestinians during the peaceful protests along the eastern parts of Gaza near the Israeli separating fence. The

Palestinians are entitled to enjoy the right to freedom of expression

On Tuesday night, Hamas commented on the regretful phase that the Palestinian people are are experiencing, including political polarisation and internal tensions, which negatively affected the freedom of expression and national spirit.

AHRI in Gaza Condemns UN Postpone of the Black List

On  march 18th, the Association of Human Rights Institutions (AHRI) sent a message to Ms. Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights expressing its deep regret about the decision to postpone the publication o

Settlers celebrate US state department report

The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements said in his latest weekly report that , within the context of his electoral campaign for the early Knesset elections next month, Netanyahu announced plans to build 23,000 new

WHO appeals for $ 5.3 mln to respond to trauma and emergency needs in Gaza

The World Health Organization (WHO) is appealing for US$ 5.3 million to provide life- and limb-saving interventions to massive numbers of injured patients overwhelming an already fragile health

Details you want to know about Salfit shooting attack

Hebrew sources stated that two Israeli soldiers at least got killed and several others were injured, some sustained severe injuries, in a number of shooting attacks in the occupied West Bank. A Palestinian fighter st

Campaign Calls on UN to Release Names of Companies Involved in Settlement Activities

Al-Haq Human Rights organization launched an action alert urging the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Human Rights Council and Member States to abide by their commitments and publish the UN Database on companies involved in Israel&rs

16 years after Rachel Corrie was killed in Gaza, little has changed

By: Sinem Cengiz  “No amount of reading, attendance at conferences, documentary viewing and word-of-mouth could have prepared me for the reality of the situation here,” wrote Rachel Corr

Hamas condemns terror act in Christchurch, New Zealand

The national Palestinian movement Hamas vehemently condemned the terror act which was perpetrated by a gunman in two central mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday. This heinous  act of violence highligh

Gaza: Preparations for mega March of Return to mark first anniversary

The Higher National Commission for the March of Return and Breaking the Siege has announced preparations to organize a mega march on the first anniversary of the March of Return and on the Land Day, March 30. In a news conference hel

The Popular Movement for National Salvation sent a message to the Pope of Vatican

The Popular Movement for National Salvation sent a message to the Pope  of Vatican on March 4, calling him to support the Palestinians to end  the violations of the Israeli occupation and the sanctions of the outgo


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