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Israeli Settlers Terrorising Palestinians

What you see in the pictures is the true definition of terrorism: A group of armed Israeli settlers at the Palestinian town of al-Masoudiya

1.Palestinian family of Ramallah, circa 1900-1910.

13 Historic Photos of Palestine

2. Shepherds in Palestine 1912.

The   continued siege is a ticking time bomb -  D.O.P Photos

Gazans stand at critical time in the history of their cause

Days Of Palestine [ Gaza ] - Gazans in Tuesday came to Gaza port to attend the National Body for Breaking the Siege and Rebuilding Gaza's statement entitled "The continued siege is a t

Umm  al-Rihan, Palestinian beauty marred by Israeli settlement

Umm al-Rihan: Palestinian beauty marred by Israeli settlement

Days Of Palestine [ JENIN ] - Umm al-Rihan is a Palestinian nature reserve in a semi-coastal region located high on the northwestern hills of Jenin in the West Bank and known for its plant dive

Land Day in Gaza

In Pictures: Land Day in Gaza

Large numbers of Palestinians marching on the Gaza-Israel border today, to take part in a one-million-man march to mark the first anniversary of the Great March of Return, which was launched on 30 March last year. In the run-up to Sa

Gazan graduate challenges unemployment by planting flowers

Gazan graduate challenges unemployment by planting flowers

Days Of Palestine [ Khan Younis ] - In her new world, Rewaa al-Najjar, carrying the watering pot, moves among the beautiful flowers which she has decided to make the plan that will save her from unemployment. The 22-

Photo-story: Fatima spreads hope for integrating people with disabilities

Meet Fatima, she is working at the “Community Based Rehabilitation” (CBR), an organization that advocates for the rights of people with disabilities in the north of the West Bank.

GazaUnderAttack - Monday Night 25-3-2019 #31

Scenes from the Israeli attack against Gaza Strip

Days Of Palestine [ Gaza ] - Israeli occupation warplanes bombarded dozens of targets in Gaza Strip, on Monday night. It seems that the Israeli occupation authorities didn't differanciate b

Suleiman Abu Taima uses embroidery   to portray Palestinian heritage on 11 March 2019

Gaza man stitches together Palestinian heritage

Suleiman Abu Taima delicately uses an array of colours to stitch together images which encompass Palestinian heritage in the manner his mother taught him. The 22-year-old says his love of colours and infatuation with

Palestinian child Mohammed Al-Najjar 12-year-old - Gaza Strip

‏A Palestinian child traumatized after losing his eye by an Israeli sniper

Palestinian child Mohammed Al-Najjar (12) is living a severe psychological shock after losing his right eye by an Israeli sniper's bullet during his participation in the Great Return March protests on 11 January.

Mohammad Nidal Hassan Razem, 22-year-old

Israeli District Court sentences a 22-year-old man from Jerusalem

The judge of the District Court issued a 54-month prison sentence against Mohammad Nidal Hassan Razem, 22, and a fine of NIS 10,000. Mohammad is a resident of Ban Hitta neighborhood in Jerusalem. 

Israeli snipers shot dead Palestinian woman in Gaza

Israeli occupation snipers shot dead on Friday female Palestinian protester in Gaza and wounded 34 others during the protests of the Great March of Return.

Youngest physician in the world is Palestinian

Muna Ibrahim Ne’ma, 23, a Palestinian youth from the village of Deir al-Assad in occupied Palestine, became on Wednesday the youngest physician to get license to start working in hospitals.

Nouriddin Baraka, the senior Al-Qassam leader, who was killed in an exchange of fire with the Israeli Special Forces in Khan Younis.

Updates: Palestinian resistance undermines ‘complicated’ Israeli military operation in Gaza

Palestinian fighters from Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Palestinian Movement Hamas, undermined on Sunday night “complicated” Israeli military operation in Gaza Strip.

Banksy exhibits at Palestine WTM London stand

World-renowned graffiti artist Banksy has chosen WTM London to host his first ever stall at a trade fair.

Palestinian worker dies at Israeli military checkpoint

Palestinian worker Imad Zoreiqat, 52, died on Tuesday morning at Israeli military checkpoint between West Bank cities of Bethlehem and Al-Khalil.

Gaza farmers have dates, but have nowhere to sell them

Farmers in the besieged Gaza Strip have harvested 12,000 tonnes of dates from their palm trees however they are struggling to find buyers for their produce.

Over 300 Palestinian children in Israeli jails did not go to school today

As the school year in the occupied Palestinian territories, more than 300 Palestinian children imprisoned by Israeli occupation did not go to their schools.

Israeli snipers killed 2, wounded 270 others in Gaza

Israeli occupation snipers shot dead on Friday two peaceful Palestinian protesters during their participation in the protests of Great March of Return in Gaza, wounded more than 270 others.


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