Tue. Jul 23 2019


Israeli settlers vandalise Palestinian property

A group of extremist Israeli Jewish settlers vandalised on Wednesday night Palestinian property in Arab village of Ara, in northern Israel.

Israeli settlers vandalise Palestinian property

Extremist Israeli Jewish settlers vandalised on Tuesday night 28 Palestinian vehicles in occupied Jerusalem, spray-painted anti-Palestinian graffiti.

Israel cleared cop who murdered motionless Palestinian girl

Israeli policeman, who murdered 14-year-old Palestinian girl last year pronounced by Israeli authorities “not guilty,” Israeli Ynet News reported on Monday.

Settlers attempt to kill Israeli activist in West Bank

Short video showed group of extremist Israeli Jewish settlers attempted on Friday to kill Israeli activist in occupied West Bank.

Israeli police murders mother of Palestinian it murdered last year

Israeli police forces murdered on Wednesday afternoon mother of Palestinian martyr while heading to perform prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli forces harass, assault Palestinian girls in West Bank

Israeli forces harassed and assaulted Palestinian girls as they were watching clashes between little kids and Israeli soldiers in West Bank.

Israel legalises theft of private Palestinian land

Israeli Knesset passed a law on Monday retroactively legalising 1,000s of settlements units built on privately owned Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.

The annexation of Palestine could be closer than you think

There are two main reasons that make Palestinians warier about losing the remaining parts of their land in favour of the occupation state of Israel.

Israeli soldier in Gaza prison celebrates his birthday

Israeli prisoners in Hamas prisons in the Palestinian occupied Gaza Strip celebrate birthday of imprisoned Israeli soldier Oron Shaul.

Cristiano Ronaldo addresses children of Syria

Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo has sent video message to Syrian children, who have been suffering before eyes of international community.

Israeli soldiers set fire in Palestinian property

Footage has emerged on Facebook showing Israeli occupation forces setting fire to Palestinian property in Nablus, West Bank.

Video: Israeli soldiers crush Palestinian worker in gate

Footage has emerged of Israeli soldiers laughing as they crush Palestinian worker in a gate in occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli soldier’s shocking confession on abusing prisoners

Former Israeli soldier says he was “shocked” when he saw abused Palestinian prisoner for first time, but he became “indifferent” by time.

Watch: Norwegian National Theatre boycotts Israel

Norwegian actors announced said Israel is apartheid state, apologised for previous performance in Israel and adopted BDS.

‘Palestinians are not humans,’ Israeli soldier says

A former female Israeli soldier recognised that she and her colleagues used to deal with Palestinians as if they “are not humans.”

UN: 46 areas in West Bank ‘at risk of forcible transfer’

United Nations warned that 46 Palestinian residential areas in Central West Bank are “at risk of forcible transfer” due to increasing Israeli settlements.

UN: demolition of Palestinian homes increased by 40%

Israeli occupation demolition of Palestinian homes has increased by 40 per cent, UN report issued early this week reported.

Israeli forces shoot Palestinian lady at Qalandia Checkpoint

Israeli occupation forces shot on Tuesday afternoon Palestinian lady at Qalandia Checkpoint to the east of occupied Jerusalem.

Review: new short film ‘Gaza in Context’

Gaza, the continuing human tragedy, caused by fellow humans. Undoubtedly, we are all aware of the disastrous conditions of life there under the continuing blockade.


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