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A group of people hold a demonstration to support U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar at 7th Avenue near of the Times Square in New York, United States on May 20, 2019. ( Atılgan Özdil - Anadolu Agency )

Purging critics of Israel is no way to fight anti-Semitism

With Israel seeking to purge public spaces of its critics, the decision by the New York Times to ban its publication of political cartoons entirely over alleged anti-Semitism, perhaps should not have come as a surprise. Nevertheless, few

Al-Shati refugee camp, the place where displaced Palestinians took shelter after their exile from Palestine during the Nakba in 1948, is seen in Gaza City, Gaza on 15 May, 2017 [Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency]

‘World Refugee Day’: Palestinians Keep Their Right of Return Alive Through Hope, Resistance

The United Nations’ World Refugee Day, observed annually on June 20, should not merely represent a reminder of “the courage, strength and deter

Palestinian medics carry away an injured protestor during the Great March of Return in Gaza on 22 March 2019 [Mohammad Asad/Middle East Monitor]

Israel deliberately wounding Palestinian civilians in Gaza

A new World Heath Organization report on Gaza this month made for shocking reading. But as

Hamas celebrate their 31st anniversary in Gaza on 17 December 2018 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

Israel and the PA continue to drain Hamas’ financial sources

Israel has revealed that in recent years there has been an increase in funds confiscated from Hamas members in the West Bank. These funds come from Gaza and abroad and are used to support those carrying out armed operation and attacks, the familie

Peddling the lie of economic incentives to obliterate Palestinian demands

The dangerous farce of finding a purported solution for Palestine continues. To detract from issues such as the ongoing forced displacement of Palestinians and the Palestinian right of return, a new twist has been added to the 

Huriye, 4-year-old, daughter of Suhad and Sameer Abu Fayed [MEMO]

‘This is for Palestine’, says mum who gave birth through smuggled sperm

In 2014, Suhad Abu Fayed gave birth to her daughter Huriye, a bright-eyed child with a mop of curly hair. When Suhad took Huriye to see her father, Sameer, for the first time, the Israeli guards at the prison where he is detained looked puzzled. &

Palestinian protesters wave their national flag in Gaza on 4 September (AFP)

Israel's annexation drive requires fighting for justice in one state

A group of former EU ministers recently published a letter in The Guardian warning that the situation in Israel and Palestine is “

Facing the Facts: Israel Cannot Escape ICC Jurisdiction

The Chief Military Advocate General of the Israeli army, Sharon Afek, and the US Department of Defense General Counsel, Paul Ney, shared a platform at the ‘International Conference on the Law of Armed Conflict’, which took place in Her

Military-media: Hamas against Israel

In the latest round of Israeli aggression on Gaza in early May, the Palestinian resistance factions, specifically Hamas, relied more on its media and propaganda system. They took video footage of their armed operations and produced short films, us

Netanyahu's plan is for Palestinians to accept their brutal defeat

I was a student at An-Najah University in the West Bank in 1999 when I was arrested at an Israeli checkpoint for not having a residency permit. During the court case that ensued, the Israeli judge told me that when it came to my punishment, I

Israel’s malign global influence campaigns

For three years after Donald Trump narrowly won 2016’s elections, much of America’s establishment corporate press was obsessed with the “Russiagate” conspiracy theory. This was a relentless deluge of excrement

How a BBC documentary promoted Israel’s narrative about the Gaza protests

A documentary aired recently by the BBC, One Day in Gaza, was produced by award-winning filmmaker Olly Lambert. It covered a day in 2018 of the ongoing protests when Palestinians specifically marked the 70th anniversary

Futility and extortion at the Manama conference

Despite the majority Palestinian national consensus that the Trump plan is a consecration of Israeli occupation policies in its right-wing nationalist-religious form, Trump’s tripartite party, made up of Kushner, Greenblatt and Friedman, alo

Icelandic band Hatari holds up a Palestinian flag sign at Euorvision 2019 in Tel Aviv, during the announcing of results, on May 18, 2019 [twitter]

Eurovision turns out to be a big hit for Palestine

It was the result that nobody predicted: the winner of Eurovision 2019 is… Palestine! Despite the organisers describing the 

On Nakba day, why is Israel hosting Eurovision?

The Eurovision song contest is to be held at the Expo Centre in Tel Aviv from 14 to 18 May. Forty one countries are represented, and an estimated 200 million people will watch the four-day event, a huge boost for the standing of

After 71 years, Abu Ibrahim still hopes to return to his home

Ever since 1948, Abu Ibrahim has been waiting to return to the simple house that he and his father built in their village which was occupied by nascent Israeli occupation forces and turned into a moshav agricultural settlement.

Some 800,000 Palestinians were forcefully expelled from their homes and land when Israel was founded in 1948 [File: Reuters/Ali Hashisho]

The return of Palestinian refugees is quite possible

Еvery year, a day after Israel marks its independence day on May 14, we commemorate with sadness and nostalgia the 

Why supporters of the Palestinian people are marching in London on the 11th of May

It is not 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 years since the Nakba, the Palestinian people’s Catastrophe. This year the Palestinians will be marking the 71st year since their dispossession and the creation of Apartheid state, Israel, in

Has Israel already annexed the West Bank?

Ramallah, occupied West Bank - While the international community and media created an uproar when Israeli Prime Minister 


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