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When Israel destroyed a family’s dreams

Abdelrahim Younis spent five months building his own home in the 1990s. Tall and spacious, it was complemented by a rose garden and palm tree at its entrance. “I wanted to have my extended family with me and my wife when we get


When is Eid al-Adha 2019? The Muslim festival explained

How is the 'festival of sacrifice' celebrated? Is it a public holiday? What does it mean? Here are the an

I am a warrior prisoner

I live in a very small territory of 365 square kilometers, also known as the largest open-air prison in the world, located in colonized Palestine. The prison guards are powerful oppressors, the enforcers of “apartheid,” also known as Z

Gaza revived: how an Irishman is giving hope to Palestinian amputees

Gaza. The very name evokes images of Israeli bombardment, crumbling infrastructure, keffiyeh-clad protestors standing defiantly with Palestinian flags and slingshots, and screaming children shot by snipers in a fog of tear gas and smoke from burni

Medics need miracles to stay alive in Gaza

Nobody in Gaza is exempt from being an Israeli target. Luck is the only thing that saves anyone here from being killed. The medic Muhammad al-Judaili ran out of luck. On 3 May, he was working at the Great March of Retur

‘We’re trying to find a gap in Israel’s walls’

“People have said to me ‘why would you want to build a gym?’ ‘Have Palestinians not got bigger problems, like access to food and water?” “It’s a valid question,” Ainle O Caireallain, th

Another Gaza medic killed on duty by Israel, no justice expected to be served

In the light of international protection from being punished, Israel continues killing Palestinians. Here is the story of the fifth paramedic has been killed leaving innocent wife and four little children. It was a d

Act.IL’s Israeli headquaters in Herzliya. (Act.IL/Facebook)

Inside Israel’s million dollar troll army

A global influence campaign funded by the Israeli government had a $1.1 million budget last year, a document obtained by The Electronic Intifada shows. Act.IL says it has offices in three countries and an online army of more than 15,

The children of Al-Judeili crying of the death of their father - (Photo File)

Killed father, become orphans

When oppression increases, life becomes like hellfire. Israel deliberately kills fathers and mothers of Palestinian children leaving them to lead their lives down into the dark abyss. So how can a 5-year-old child stand in life without his parents

Muhammad Samahneh (aka Barges) in full flow in Nablus. Jaclynn Ashly

Dancing gives us freedom

Around a decade ago, Abdullah Damra – aka Vertex – was learning to memorize the Quran when an underground breakdance scene emerged in the refugee camps of Nablus city in the occupied West Bank. “I come from a very r

Gaza exit permits: Aisha's lone journey for cancer treatment

Gaza City - Last month, five-year-old Aisha came home from nursery vomiting and saying she had a headache. Her condition deteriorated, so her family took her to hospital, where, after undergoing medical checks,

Me and my aunt vs. cancer

“No one knows what the next day will be like. Hope is the only thing that keeps me moving forward. Coping with cancer is only possible when I take it one day at a time and value the present." Those are the words of my Aunt

Stabbed in the heart

Walid al-Shawa dreamed of a bright future when he was younger. Yet adult life has been cruel despite years of planning. Starting as a child, Walid spent 10 years moving from one job to another. A permanent job was beyond reach in his

One senseless death in Turkey: a reflection of the fate of Palestinian refugees

It’s common knowledge that large numbers of Gaza youth dream of emigrating. Except we think of it as “escaping”—as if from prison. What is not as well covered here or elsewhere is what happens afterward—if and whe

Khalida Jarrar: “I will never stop speaking out”

Khalida Jarrar leaned back in her chair, legs crossed, and puffed on a cigarette. She was sitti

Palestinians take part in the Great March of Return [Photo File]

Despite killing, Palestinians will continue their struggle

It amazing when you have the resilience to continue your struggle despite of all obstacles you’re still facing. It deserves respect when it’s relating to a nation who scarifies all it has   for the sake of freedom and dignity


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