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Act.IL’s Israeli headquaters in Herzliya. (Act.IL/Facebook)

Inside Israel’s million dollar troll army

A global influence campaign funded by the Israeli government had a $1.1 million budget last year, a document obtained by The Electronic Intifada shows. Act.IL says it has offices in three countries and an online army of more than 15,

The children of Al-Judeili crying of the death of their father - (Photo File)

Killed father, become orphans

When oppression increases, life becomes like hellfire. Israel deliberately kills fathers and mothers of Palestinian children leaving them to lead their lives down into the dark abyss. So how can a 5-year-old child stand in life without his parents

Muhammad Samahneh (aka Barges) in full flow in Nablus. Jaclynn Ashly

Dancing gives us freedom

Around a decade ago, Abdullah Damra – aka Vertex – was learning to memorize the Quran when an underground breakdance scene emerged in the refugee camps of Nablus city in the occupied West Bank. “I come from a very r

Gaza exit permits: Aisha's lone journey for cancer treatment

Gaza City - Last month, five-year-old Aisha came home from nursery vomiting and saying she had a headache. Her condition deteriorated, so her family took her to hospital, where, after undergoing medical checks,

Me and my aunt vs. cancer

“No one knows what the next day will be like. Hope is the only thing that keeps me moving forward. Coping with cancer is only possible when I take it one day at a time and value the present." Those are the words of my Aunt

Stabbed in the heart

Walid al-Shawa dreamed of a bright future when he was younger. Yet adult life has been cruel despite years of planning. Starting as a child, Walid spent 10 years moving from one job to another. A permanent job was beyond reach in his

One senseless death in Turkey: a reflection of the fate of Palestinian refugees

It’s common knowledge that large numbers of Gaza youth dream of emigrating. Except we think of it as “escaping”—as if from prison. What is not as well covered here or elsewhere is what happens afterward—if and whe

Khalida Jarrar: “I will never stop speaking out”

Khalida Jarrar leaned back in her chair, legs crossed, and puffed on a cigarette. She was sitti

Palestinians take part in the Great March of Return [Photo File]

Despite killing, Palestinians will continue their struggle

It amazing when you have the resilience to continue your struggle despite of all obstacles you’re still facing. It deserves respect when it’s relating to a nation who scarifies all it has   for the sake of freedom and dignity

Palestinians furious and fed up with corruption of Abbas's 'mafia' PA

By Megan Giovannetti in Ramallah, occupied West Bank Ali was incredulous. "You call them a government?" he asked. "I call them mafia." For the 22-year-old Palestinian resident of the

Hebron on my mind

Hebron on my mind

By Jafar Ramini It’s been exactly a week since the colonisers of our land, Mr. Netanyahu and his gang of war criminals, decided not to renew the mandate of TIPH, the Temporary International Presence in Hebron

US court throws out lawsuit against academic boycott of Israel

A federal judge in Washington, DC, on Monday dismissed a lawsuit against the American Studies Assoc

Gaza: A Place I call home

Gaza: A Place I call home

When my dad finished his Ph.D. studies in the United States, and we came back to Gaza, people asked us accusingly as to why we came back.  My answer was simple: I came back home. Just two days ago, I was asked the same question and another on

Israeli airstrike attack against Gaza


“Mom, do they bomb residential buildings?, asked one of my daughters in fear. And my response again came in the form of a lie: “No, habibti. They don’t. Don’t be scared.” I stroked her cheek to reassure her. 

Bedouin women sit next to the ruins of their dwellings demolished by Israeli bulldozers in Umm Al-Hiran [File: Ammar Awad/Reuters]

Demolition highway: Israel plans to force Bedouin from homes

As many as 1,000 Bedouin Palestinian families are threatened with forced displacement by the Israeli government under plans for a major new highway in the Naqab (Negev) region. The route of the new section of 

Gaza’s al-Rantisi Hospital will soon have a new department for treating children with cancer. Mahmoud Ajjour APA images

Gaza gets new center for treating children with cancer

By: Rami Almeghari Suhaib al-Aneizi was playing in kindergarten when he suddenly fell to the floor. After a medical examination, he was initially diagnosed with anemia. But when Suhaib had another


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