Mon. May 25 2020


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Video: Remembering the Nakba, 72 years on

 It has been 72 years since the Nakba, or catastrophe, when 800,000 Palestinians were expelled by Zionist militias or fled their towns and villages, in a massive ethnic cleansing campaign to make way for Israel. It has been 72 years since the Nakba, or catastrophe, when 800,000 Palestinians were expelled by

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On Nakba Day, what does it mean to die of thirst?

In the midst of the massacres perpetrated by invading Zionist militias in pre-1948 historical Palestine that led to the creation of today's Israel, and in the middle of bombardment and ethnic cleansing, what does it mean for a human being to die alone of thirst?

Imprisoned during COVID-19

We know that if a Palestinian political prisoner contracts the coronavirus, Israel will not remove a respirator from an Israeli mouth and put it in our mouth, it will not remove an Israeli out of a bed to provide it to us. It will not provide

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Empathy amid the pandemic

Palestinians like me, living outside our country, fear that the coronavirus pandemic could be the latest nightmare to befall our loved ones back home. As of now there are more than 12,000 confirmed cases in Israel, around 350 in the

Welcome to Lockdown: COVID-19 quarantine and the Gaza experience

By| Abdalhadi Alijla In 2004, I was selected by the Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunication to attend the International Telecommunication Union Annual Congress i

Dreaming of a life in Palestine

By| Amjad Ayman Yaghi When Muhammad al-Amoudi was shot during the Great March of Return protests in

Prisoners denied timely treatment dying in Israeli custody

Amna Abu Diyak still finds it almost impossible to talk about her son’s death. “I felt like I was going to collapse when I heard the news,” the 55-year-old told The Electronic Intifada in a phone interview. “I

The last boat maker in Gaza

By| Sarah Algherbawi Abdullah al-Najjar is the last boat maker in Gaza. Fully aware that he plies a vanishing trade, Abdullah, 61, is nonetheless trying to keep it

How Israel stole this fisherman’s sight and sense of smell

By| Hamza Abu Eltarabesh Khader al-Saidi lost his eyesight and sense of smell when Israeli navy forces fired ru

Deema is in the middle, in green

My 'Appeal of the Century'

Dear Mr. Trump, When you came into office as the leader of the country that has done the most to allow Israel to maintain its colonization of my people by thwarting international law and multiple U.N. resolutions, you promis

No accident: Israel targets eyes

By: Tareq Hajaj Media coverage and social media posts went wild when Palestinian photojournalist Muath Amarneh was

Ibrahim Dabous, pictured with his nephew. (Photo courtesy of family)

Israel has killed 32 of my friends

I first met Ibrahim al-Dabous when he came to paint my home. It was about a year ago. I was introduced to him by my cousin Muhammad Ashour, an interior decorator. Ibrahim was reticent. It wasn’t until his second d

The Palestinian Authority — headed by Mahmoud Abbas — is preventing charities from providing vital services in Gaza.  APA images

Why is Palestinian Authority punishing deaf children?

Ahmad Abu Asad has been forced to drop out of school. For the past three years, Ahmad, 9, had been taking lessons tailored for children with deafness. The lessons were provided by al-Hanan School for the Deaf in the Dei

Dream further… Maya Khalil

The heavy weight 11-year-old Maya Khalil was carrying was not from burdens of life, but rather from the medals she was carrying over her neck which she had won over the last four years. Maya  was awarded the title of  the P

Gaza's surviving al-Sawarka children struggle after Israel raid

By: Ali Younis Noor al-Sawarka's life changed forever on the night the Israeli army targeted her family's home in the central town of Deir al-Balah.  Th

Palestine through the eyes of a visitor

By Larissa Fernand There are no words to describe the bleak reality of actual humans who are trapped and whose lives are scar

The Jordan Valley springs: Between the rock of the occupation and the hard place of settlers

By Al Harith Al Hasni Muheeb Fathi Abu Mohsen, a resident of Ein el-Helweh in the northern Jordan Valley, brings his cows twice a day to the water spring of Ein el-Helweh to drink

From local heritage ambassador to world heritage ambassador: A Palestinian’s dream

When Samar Qawasmi was awarded the title of 2019 Palestinian Ambassador to Heritage and Folklore, she immediately started to think of her next move: World Heritage Ambassador, and she is getting ready to compete for it when it will be held in Cair

I watched my father and brother killed by Israeli bombs. For me, the UK arms trade is deeply personal

For many people who have lived a life free from war and military occupation, the global arms trade may seem like a distant or even irrelevant issue. But for Palestinians like me, it is an inescapable and painful reality.


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