+320 Latin American public figures, including former leaders, call for sanctions on Israel

Over 320 public figures from Latin America, including former leaders, signed yesterday a statement calling for imposing sanctions on Israel in response to its plan to annex portions of the occupied Pa

Jul 03,2020

Palestinians angrily reject annexation plan in Gaza

Mass march in Gaza to reject the annexation

Days of Palestine - Gaza Palestinians in Gaza Strip Wednesday demonstrated to reject the American-Israeli annexation plan of the West Bank. Ten Thousands of Gazans waved Palestinian flags and ch

Jul 01,2020

Annexation could begin as early as today

Amnesty: Annexation plan is 'law of the jungle'

Annexation could begin as early as today International law is ‘crystal clear’ that annexation is unlawful ‘Rogue behavior from Israel of this magnitude needs a resounding response’ - Kate Allen

Jul 01,2020

Dutch parliament approves draft resolution rejecting Israel’s annexation plans

The Dutch parliament voted on a draft resolution, submitted by the Socialist Party, which considers the Israeli annexation plans a violation of international law. The parliament, through this resol

Jun 30,2020

No To Annex West Bank

Parliamentarians against the Israeli annexation plan! Sign the petition

Days of Palestine - Gaza The Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council Monday called on the widest participation in the campaign "Parliamentarians against the Isra

Jun 29,2020


Rifqa al-Kurd. (Twitter: Amany Khalifa)

My Grandmother, Icon of Palestinian Resilience

Jul 03, 2020

Palestine Could End in 8 Days

Jun 27, 2020

Palestinian refugee children yearn for return

Jun 21, 2020

How Palestine advocates can support Black struggle

Jun 20, 2020

The statue of Winston Churchill in London has been targeted by anti-racism protesters over the past few weeks.  (Dylan Martinez / Reuters)

Winston Churchill’s racist legacy in Palestine

Jun 18, 2020