Annexation and the need to be proactive

There are a number of issues that the occupation government is escalating: settlement expansion and demolition orders against Palestinian buildings; daily arrests of Palestinians, some of which are ac

Aug 11,2020

Gaza Under Attack: Israeli artillery and warplanes attack north of Gaza

Israeli fighter jets struck tonight on Sunday areas north of the besieged Gaza Strip, according to local sources. The sources said that Israeli fighter jets and military tanks targeted an area east

Aug 09,2020

Palestinian woman shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Jenin

Israeli soldiers killed Friday afternoon a Palestinian woman during a raid in Jenin while she was in her house. The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that Dalia Samoudi, 23, succumbed to her

Aug 07,2020

Report: Israel demolished 313 Palestine homes in West Bank, East Jerusalem in 2020

The Palestinian Colonisation and Wall Resistance Commission have confirmed that Israeli forces demolished 313 homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem during the first half of this year.

Aug 07,2020

Israeli warplanes strike Gaza: Gaza Under Attack!

Israeli fighter jets fired several rockets at different areas north of the besieged Gaza Strip at midnight on Thursday. Israeli occupation forces claimed that this attack came in response to the in

Aug 06,2020


Death and destruction aren’t exclusive to war!

Jul 20, 2020