Israeli warplanes strike Gaza: Gaza Under Attack!

Israeli fighter jets fired several rockets at different areas north of the besieged Gaza Strip at midnight on Thursday. Israeli occupation forces claimed that this attack came in response to the in

Aug 06,2020

Israeli politician celebrates Beirut's massive explosion

Zehut Party Chairman and former Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin published on Wednesday a Twitter and Facebook post celebrating Beirut's massive explosion, which left at least 130 people deand and 5,0

Aug 05,2020

How far can Israel go in trying to erase Palestinians?

Despite the raging pandemic and Israel's ever-increasing restrictions on the movements of Palestinians, a few friends and I still manage to meet occasionally to chat and catch up. As we sit, drink

Aug 05,2020

Gaza Under Attack: Israeli warplanes attack Gaza Strip

Israeli aircraft struck different areas across the besieged Gaza Strip today. No casualties were reported so far. Local sources said that Israeli drones hit a farmland that belongs to Abu Haddaf fa

Aug 03,2020

Activists worldwide demand immediate release of BDS coordinator Mahmoud Nawajaa

The arrest of Mahmoud Nawajaa, general coordinator of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement’s National Committee (BNC) in Palestine, has invited global condemnation and dema

Aug 01,2020


Death and destruction aren’t exclusive to war!

Jul 20, 2020