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Israel cleared cop who murdered motionless Palestinian girl

Apr 25 2017

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9lv4BXfPo4&feature=youtu.be Israeli policeman, who murdered 14-year-old Palestinian girl last year pronounced by Israeli authorities “not guilty,” Israeli Ynet News reported on Monday. According to Ynet News, the Israeli justice ministry’s police investigations department, which investigated the murder has submitted its findings to the meant authorities. The Israeli policeman was charged with opening fire at the two Palestinian minors Hadil Awad, 14, and her cousin Nourhan Awad, 15. Hadil Awad was killed at the scene while her cousin suffered severe wounds and recovered a couple of months later. The Israeli investigations department cleared the soldier of all the charges on claims that not enough evidence was on hand to indict him. In a live footage taken from the shooting scene, Hadil appears to be struggling for survival as she tried to defend herself against a gang of Israeli settlers using a scissor. An Israeli cop fatally shoot her on allegations that she attempted to carry out a stabbing attack. Hadeel, a resident of the Ramallah-area Qalandiya refugee camp was the sister of Mahmoud Awwad, who died in 2013, several months after he was shot and injured during clashes with Israeli forces inside the refugee camp.

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