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Israeli soldier in Gaza prison celebrates his birthday

Dec 31 2016

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Decrease font Israeli prisoners in Hamas prisons in the Palestinian occupied Gaza Strip celebrate birthday of imprisoned Israeli soldier Oron Shaul. Hamas military wing Al-Qassam Brigades released on Saturday two short video clips marking the birthday of Shaul, who has been captive since the major Israeli offensive that killed more than 2,260 Palestinians in the summer of 2014. Since he was captured by Hamas, Israel has been saying that Oron Shaul, the 22-year-old Staff Sergeant, is missing, but never said he is still alive. However, the clips showed unreal footage of Shaul, who was 22 when he was captured in Gaza, as if he is alive and he celebrates his 23rd birthday. Shaul and Lieutenant Hadar Goldin had disappeared in the Gaza Strip during the 51-day Israeli military offensive. Israel said the two were killed and Hamas took their corps, but Hamas refused to give any free data on the two missing soldiers. However, it hinted that Shaul is alive when Safa news agency, close to Hamas, had reported that he fainted when he watched the funeral of his father. Looking at his cake One of the clips is 36-second long and it shows a group of Israeli soldiers surrounding a birthday cake and on the top of the cake there are three candles. The Hamas armed wing wrote on the cake in Hebrew "three years for Oron Shaul in Hamas custody." The faces of the soldiers are not shown, but they are singing and ringing their iron pots with spoons. "A new year as the soldier Oron Shaul is away from his family," said the group at the end of the clip, referring that this is the first birthday for the kidnapped solider to celebrate away from his family. Netanyahu’s nightmare However, the second video, which was 54-econds long, showed a fake face of the soldier sitting on a chair as his hands are cuffed and looking at his birthday cake, as he was trying to untie himself. Then, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows up wearing the costumes of a clown and sits in front of the soldier to celebrate his birthday. At the end of the clip, Al-Qassam wrote: “The decision is in the hands of the Israeli government," referring to the fact that the Israeli government is able to reach a new prisoners swap with Hamas. On July 20, the Hamas armed wing announced that it abducted Shaul during the Israeli large-scale offensive on the enclave in 2014 during a gun-battle with the Israeli army in eastern Gaza.

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