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Israel confiscate children’s clothes heading to Gaza

‘This is just a false claim in order to the justify the 12-year-old Israeli siege imposed on the coastal enclave,’ a Gaza merchant says.

Sep 29 2018

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Israeli occupation has confiscated a number of large containers included children’s clothes while in their way to the besieged Gaza Strip, claiming they were planned for terror use, Israeli media reported on Saturday.

According to the Israeli news website Ynet News, the Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that confiscating children’s clothes is part of the Israeli war on “Palestinian terror.”

He claimed that the containers, which contained the children’s clothes, were aimed to Gaza merchant’s who planned to pay the revenues for Hamas.

“Of course, this is a big lie,” a Gaza merchant told Days of Palestine. “This is just a false claim in order to the justify the 12-year-old Israeli siege imposed on the coastal enclave.”

At the beginning of this school year, Palestinian families in Gaza did not find school uniforms in the Gaza markets for their children.

The Gaza merchant told Days of Palestine that the Israeli occupation blocked tens of children’s clothes include school uniforms.

“Even socks did not exist in the markets,” Sarah, a mother of three school boys, said. “I bought shoes for my kids and they have been wearing them without socks,” he said.

Israeli classifies Hamas and the other Palestinian resistance groups as terror organisations; however, they are legitimate resistance groups whose resistance of the occupier is guaranteed by the international law.

Source: Days of Palestine

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