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Israeli forces liquidate Palestinian youth in Beit Rima

Rights activists Raafat Hamadounah confirmed that the Palestinian youth remained bleeding to death.

Sep 19 2018

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Israeli occupation forces raided on Tuesday at dawn Palestinian village of Beith Rima in the outskirts of occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, kidnapped and liquidated Palestinian 23-year-old Palestinian youth.

Witnesses said that the Israeli occupation violently raided the house of Mohammad Zaghloul al-Rimawi, 23, and “kidnapped him from between the arms of his parents.”

After taking him out from his parents’ house, “the Israeli occupation started beating him with the butts of their rifles until he passed away.”

Director of Prisoners’ Centre for Studies Raafat Hamadounah said in a statement that Al-Rimawi was “beaten harshly to death.”

He added: “He started bleeding since the first minute he was beaten, but the Israeli savages continued beating him and until he died.”

Hamadounah said that this was not the first Israeli aggression on Palestinians after they were kidnapped.

In his statement, he named four 18-year-old Palestinians from Gaza who had been recently liquidated by the Israeli occupation forces.

The Israeli occupation Special Forces kidnapped and executed Jamal Qublan and Mohammad abu-Barakah, both were 18, a couple of weeks ago.

He also said that the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped Subhi abu-Jamei and Majdi abu-Jamei, both were 18, and “executed them with cold blood” just days after executing the others.

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