Sun. Feb 17 2019

Israeli occupation forces bomb Gaza, kill 3, wound 1

The wounded Palestinian is undergoing lifesaving treatment, but he is likely to pass away, medical sources said.

Jul 25 2018

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Israeli occupation forces launched on Wednesday evening a series of tank shelling along the eastern side of the Gaza Strip, killing three Palestinians and wounding one.

Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli tanks bombed the watchtowers of the Palestinian National Security Services in Gaza.

The Palestinian ministry of health in Gaza said that three Palestinians arrived dead in hospitals and one in grave condition.

According to the ministry of health, the martyrs are Obada Ferwana, 29, Ahmed al-Basous, 28, and Mohammed al-Ar’eer, 27.

Regarding the wounded, the ministry said that he has been undergoing lifesaving treatment, noting that he is likely to pass away due to the shortage of medicines and medical equipment.

Israeli occupation claimed that the bombing of Gaza followed Palestinian sniper fire towards the Israeli troops.


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