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Israel the first country to kill children using US-made F35 fighters

Jul 16 2018

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Israeli occupation state is the first country to use the US-made F-35 fighter jets to kill people –two innocent Palestinian children in Gaza Strip.

While America and the rest of the world's attention was focused on the Wold Cup, Wimbledon, Trump's visit to England, and Stormy Daniels' story, Israel unleashed the heaviest air strikes since 2014 on the besieged Gaza strip.

This makes Israel the first country in the world to use the new US-made F-35 fighter jets to kill people –two innocent Palestinian boys in Gaza.

Last week, the Israeli air forces also used the F-35 fighter jets to fly over Beirut, Lebanon and in hit targets inside Syria.  

According to the Palestinian health ministry, the Israeli airstrikes on Saturday injured hundreds of civilians and killed two Palestinian boys Louay Khoheel, 16, and Amir al-Namara, 16, who were at a public park next to an unfinished building.

Few hours later, Amir and Louay's parents have to go to the morgue to claim their bodies. RIP Amir and Louay and shame on the silent world.

Source: Days of Palestine

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Mahmoud el-Yousseph

Mahmoud el-Yousseph

Mahmoud el-Yousseph is a Retired USAF Veteran from Westerville, Ohio.

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