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Israel bans Swedish activist from entering Palestine

The activist said he would return to Sweden by plane and embark on another journey.

Jul 07 2018

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After six-hour detention, Israeli occupation authorities banned on Friday the Swedish activist Benjamin Ladraa from entering Palestine.

The 25-year-old began his walk to Palestine from Sweden nearly a year ago to raise awareness about human rights abuse in the occupied territory.

After arriving at the Israeli border from Jordan, he was barred from entering Palestine and kept in custody for six hours, Ladraa told Anadolu Agency after he returned to the Jordanian capital Amman.

"They only gave two reasons for denying me entry, one was that they thought I was lying during the interrogation and the other was that they thought I would go to Nabi Saleh and hold a demonstration," Ladraa said.

He said he would continue his struggle until Palestinians get their freedom.

"I set off 11 months ago from Gothenburg and travelled on foot. I crossed many countries until I reached to the border of Palestine and walked about 5,000 kilometres. I will not give up my struggle until Palestine is freed," Ladraa said.

He added that he would return to Sweden by plane and embark on another journey.

"Now ask yourself why the Israeli state fears one Swedish man so much that they did not allow him to enter the country they are occupying. This is the power of activism," Ladraa posted on his Facebook account on Friday.

Ladraa started his journey from Sweden last August, and trekked across Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

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