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'From Gaza to Haifa' and Great Return March goes on

Jun 01 2018

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The Gaza peaceful mass protests at the Great Return March continue on the tenth consecutive Friday, which was dubbed by the march's organizers 'From Gaza to Haifa'.

The Higher National Committee for the Great Return March announced on Friday that the Palestinian mass demonstrations aimed to raise their demands of implementing the UN 194 Resolution and lifting the Israeli-imposed siege will not stop until the occupation meets their legitimate appeals.

The organizers also said that they labelled this Friday 'From Gaza to Haifa' as a sign of unity among Palestinians whether in the coastal strip or in other places of the occupied Palestine.  

Simultaneously, a group of Palestinian activists inside the occupied Palestine called on the Palestinian people to embark upon a series of mass demonstrations under the slogan 'From Haifa to Gaza' setting off from Haifa to protest against the occupation's policies and practices .

Thousands of Palestinians are expected to gather again today evening at the Great Return March as a continuation of the 10-week-long march, broken out on 30th of March to pressure on the Israeli occupation to meet some legitimate and humanitarian demands, and above all loosening the prolonged siege.

The Israeli occupation has been beleaguering the Gaza Strip since 2006 when the resistance movement 'Hamas' triumphed in the legislative elections and since then the blockade has been crippling the local living conditions, turning the enclave into an unliveable territory.

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