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Israeli occupation forces kill 3 Palestinian, kidnap another in Gaza

One of the protesters, who were shot dead, attempted to place Palestine flag on the border fence.

Apr 29 2018

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Israeli occupation forces have killed three unarmed Palestinian and kidnapped another at the eastern borders of the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis.

Eyewitnesses said that the one, who was killed, approached the Israeli border fence to place Palestine flag. “About ten metres far from the fence, an Israeli tank opened fire at him,” one of the eyewitnesses told Days of Palestine.

Tens of unarmed and peaceful protesters have been staying in protest encampments in five points near the borders fence across the Gaza Strip since March 30.

“We did not know what kind of wound he had; therefore, one of the protesters volunteered to help him but he was surprised with a shower of Israeli fire,” the eyewitness said.

In a separate incident, the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at two unarmed protesters near the border fence and killed them. No more details emerged yet about them.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation media claimed that the Palestinians attempted to cross the border fence and the Israeli soldiers opened fire at them, leaving three dead and detained another one.

Killing these three protesters brings the number of the Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation forces since the start of the demonstrations of the Great March of Return on March 30 to 47 and the wounded to more than 7,000.


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