Wed. Feb 26 2020

Israeli army commander threatens near offensive on Gaza

During the last 51-day offensive, Israeli forces killed more than 2,260 Gazan, wounded more than 11,000 others.

Mar 27 2018

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New Israeli offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip is inevitable and it is only a matter of time before it happens, senior Israeli army commander told military graduates on Monday.

During a meeting with the new graduates of Yonatan, a pre-army preparatory programme, Brigadier General Itay Virov said: “Each passing day gets us farther away from the previous campaign, but closer to the next one. It’s only a matter of time.”

He added: “We paid a heavy price in ‘Operation Protective Edge’. You don’t have to be a great military man or an erstwhile intelligence operative to know that these fields will know the treads of our tanks, that infantrymen will run to the fence here and that the houses in Gaza not yet rehabilitated from the last campaign will suffer our wrath in the next one.”

According to Ynet News, he continued: “We’re standing here, 800 meters from the border fences and Gaza’s immense tunnel enterprises, and we’re still here—that’s victory.”

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