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Corbyn condemns US punishments for Palestinians

US cuts made to funding of UNRWA jeopardises schooling and healthcare for Palestine refugees, Corbyn said.

Mar 24 2018

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Head of the UK Labour Party has condemned American punishments against the Palestinians, incduing the assault on their right to have Jerusalem is the capital of their state.

Labour Friends of Palestine met in British Parliament on 14 March with the meeting including speeches by Palestinian Authority Ambassador Manuel Hassassian, Jeremy Corbyn and Palestinian teenage poet Leanne Mohamad.

Jeremy Corbyn slammed US President Donald Trump saying: “Donald Trump, his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has sparked a resurgence in tensions.

“And we absolutely condemn that. What we want is peace achieved in the region, you don’t achieve it by the actions of Donald Trump, in that sense.”

Corbyn also spoke out against the cuts made to UNRWA, the United Nations body that deals with Palestine refugees, who have been enforced out of their homes by the Israeli Zionist since 1948.

“Also, the cuts that have been made to the funding of UNRWA, jeopardising schooling and healthcare for Palestinian refugees across the Middle East, including 500,000 children whose only access to education is UN funded schools through UNRWA.

“No one can believe that such a state of affairs will ever bring about a long-lasting peace”, Corbyn said.

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