Sun. Feb 17 2019

Egypt re-closes Rafah Crossing after 3-day opening

Fewer than 1,000 Palestinians out of 30,000 registered to travel for urgent purposes were able to leave.

Feb 11 2018

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Egyptian authorities have re-closed Rafah Crossing with the Gaza Strip, the main terminal for Gaza residents to outside world.

The Crossing was suddenly opened by the Egyptians, without prior arrangements with the Palestinians, on Wednesday afternoon.

It was said that it would have been opened for three days, but this did not happen. The crossing was opened after a 40-day closure.

Director of the Palestinian Crossings Rashid al-Buji said that Egypt had closed the Crossing due to the latest security developments in the Sinai Peninsula.

Reports revealed that fewer than 1,000 Palestinians out of a total of 30,000 registered to travel for urgent purposes were able to leave the besieged enclave during the opening period.

On Friday morning, the Egyptian military announced the start of a wide-scale military operation in the north of Sinai in the hunt for “terrorists.”

Egyptians living in the region have been fleeing their homes since the Egyptian forces started to prepare for the campaign.


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