Sun. Feb 17 2019

Israel executes Palestinian youth in West Bank

Israeli officials celebrated execution of the Palestinian, considering this is the way to achieve safety for the Israelis.

Feb 06 2018

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Israeli occupation forces executed on Tuesday morning Palestinian youth Ahmed Nasser Jarrar, 22, in Al-Yamun Village in the outskirts of occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

Local sources said that large numbers of Israeli occupation forces accompanied with heavy military equipment raided the city of Jenin before dawn.

They surrounded a complex of buildings, where they believed Jarrar was hiding, and started shooting at them and a military bulldozer started demolishing one of the houses.

“Jarrar was obliges to leave the building and when he appeared to the Israeli soldiers, they gunned him down,” an eyewitness told Days of Palestine.

Israeli officials celebrated the execution of the Palestinian youth as they accused him or taking part in killing an illegal Israeli Jewish settler in occupied West Bank last month.

Hailing the Israeli soldiers, who killed the Palestinian youth, the Israeli defence minister and Israeli president considered killing Palestinians achieves the safety of the Israelis.

During the hunt of Jarrar, the Israeli occupation killed two Palestinians and wounded tens others, as well as they demolished several Palestinian houses and sealed of a number of Palestinians cities across the occupied West Bank.


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