Sun. Feb 17 2019

Israel demolishes EU-funded Palestinian school in West Bank

It was the fifth time the school has been demolished since 2016. Residents, with the help of NGOs and EU, reconstruct it each time.

Feb 05 2018

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Israeli occupation forces tore down two on Sunday EU-funded classrooms that were part of school for Bedouins in occupied West Bank over claims they were built illegally.

Palestinians condemned the destruction of the school, which was rebuilt with the help of Palestinian NGOs and EU organisations.

This is the fifth time that the Israeli occupation forces demolished the school over the same claims that it was built illegally.

Israeli occupation says such demolitions carry out court rulings against unauthorised building by Palestinians, but the Palestinians see it as part of a broader move to seize land for Jewish settlement expansion.

The two classrooms were demolished early in the morning by a work crew while Israeli security officers closed off the area, according to residents of the Palestinian village Abu Nuwar.

Tens of thousands of Bedouin, once nomads, live in villages Al-Naqab, as well as in the occupied West Bank.

Shadi Othman, head of media in the EU office in Jerusalem, said: “The European Union demanded from Israel more than once not to demolish projects the European Union funds and which aim to improve the living conditions of the Palestinians.”


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