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Israeli court rejects appeal of burned Palestinian female prisoner

Israeli occupation forces opened fire at her car, wounded her, exploded cooking gas container, burning her and her car and accused her or being terrorist.

Jan 25 2018

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An Israeli court turned down on Thursday appeal field by lawyer of Palestinian female prisoner Israa Jaabis, who was burned by Israeli occupation forces, to reduce her prison term.

Hence, Jaabis is spending 11 years in the Israeli prisons without the needed medical treatment, medicines and humane conditions.

On January 11, Jaabis went to the Israeli High Court, seeking reduction of her sentence, but her demand was also turned down.

Jaabis needs multiple surgeries, suffers intense pain in her hands and feet and cannot care for herself, she says in a message from HaSharon Prison.

“Since I was arrested, the administration here has always procrastinated,” Jaabis says. “They say that the operation will happen each month, but nothing happens and my situation worsens every day.”

“Every day, I look in the mirror and I feel silent and my soul is shattered,” Jaabis states. “I need treatment to face this painful reality.”

Psychological pain

The psychological impact of her severe physical health problems has caused her to almost stop eating and she says Israeli prison authorities are threatening to deny her visits from her 9-year-old son.

Jaabis’ story combines the terror of colonial imprisonment with the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem and constant violence against Palestinian families, particularly women and children.

Originally from occupied Jerusalem, Jaabis sustained severe burns and other injuries after a cooking gas container caused a fire in her car after it was shot by the Israeli occupation forces in October 2015.

She was then accused of attempting to detonate the car when she was hundreds of meters from an Israeli checkpoint.

The situation was treated as a ‘terror attack’ rather than a medical emergency by the occupation forces on the scene.

Her family vehemently denies the claim. They say Jaabis was moving to a new apartment in Jerusalem and had been transferring furniture for days, including the gas container which exploded.

Jaabis has a Jerusalem ID but had been living in another part of the occupied West Bank with family and with her son, who has a West Bank ID.

She had been warned by the Israeli occupation that she would lose her Jerusalem residency if she did not move back to the city.


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