Tue. Jan 22 2019

Israel decides 2,270 new illegal settlement units in West Bank

Israel ignores international consensus that settlement is violation of international law.

Jan 05 2018

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Number of Israeli occupation official decided on Thursday building total of 2,270 new settlement units in different illegal Jewish-only settlements in occupied West Bank, Jerusalem.

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman decided building 900 new settlement units in the illegal settlement if Ariel.

Jewish TV Channel 10 reported unnamed senior Israeli official saying that building 225 new settlement units to be licensed next week.

He also said that a plan of 1,145 new settlement units to be approved in different illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

International community considers Israeli settlement in occupied Palestinian territories illegal, but Israel, backed by the United States, does not care about the Palestinian rights or the international consensus.


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