Fri. Dec 14 2018

Israeli occupation reduces Gaza fishing zone

Palestinians should sail for up to 20 nautical miles for fishing, but Israel does not respect the international brokers of the deals that granted the Palestinians this right.

Dec 11 2017

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Israeli occupation authorities reduced on Monday fishing zone off the Gaza coasts from nine to six nautical miles, Palestinian official said.

Head of the Palestinian Syndicate of Fishermen Nizar Ayyash said that the Palestinian fishermen were surprised with Israeli shooting at them in the early morning.

“When we contacted the Israeli officials, they said that the fishermen sailed beyond the fishing zone permitted for them,” Ayyash said.

“Then,” he said, “we asked whether there were new arrangements regarding the fishing zone and the Israelis said that it was reduced from nine to six nautical miles.”

In the early morning, the Palestinian fishermen reported Israeli shooting at them, but reported no casualties.

Since 2000, the Palestinian fishermen have been suffering from the Israeli restrictions on their work as the Israeli occupation forces always open fire at them, drown their fishing boats, abduct them, throw them in the water during cold winter times and many times have killed some of them.

According to the Oslo Peace Accords, the Palestinians have the right to sail up to 20 nautical miles in the Mediterranean for fishing, but the Israeli occupation does not keep its word and the international community does not put pressure on it to commit to its obligations.


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