Sun. Feb 17 2019

Israel attack Gaza: 15 wounded, including child in critical condition

Two Palestinians in Gaza were killed today as Israeli occupation forces opened fire at protesters along the Gaza borders.

Dec 08 2017

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Some 15 Palestinian citizens have been wounded several Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip, including child suffered serious wounds, medical sources said.

Spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra said that the series of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza had resulted in 15 injuries among the Palestinian civilians.

Al-Qidra pointed out to a little child, who suffered serious injuries, among the wounded.

He noted that all of the 15 civilians were wounded while being inside their homes during the Israeli attacks. Witnesses said that one of the attacks targeted a place near the Malaysian Hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli occupation army claimed that the airstrikes were a response to Palestinian rockets launched from the Gaza Strip towards ‘illegal’ Israeli settlements in the peripheries of the coastal enlace.


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