Fri. Dec 14 2018

Israeli violations on Palestinian media freedoms hit record in October

International community is silent regarding the continuous Israeli violations against the Palestinian media and journalists.

Nov 09 2017

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Palestinian media rights group monitored 27 Israeli violations against Palestinian media freedoms in the occupied Palestinian territory during October, a statement said on Thursday.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) said in the statement that the number of violations committed by Israeli forces increased from 22 in September to 27 during October, all of which were “serious attacks.”

According to the statement, the violations in October constituted the most serious of all violations of media freedoms in the territory recorded since the beginning of 2017.

Israeli violations on media freedoms in October included storming 10 offices and headquarters of media companies, “confiscating their property and turning 94 journalists and employees working in these institutions jobless,” MADA said.

“Not only did these companies lose their work... but they have also endured heavy losses of equipment as a result of the destruction and confiscation of property,” MADA said, adding that these media companies used to provide at least 15 local, Arab and foreign TV channels with media services.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested four Palestinian journalists during October, two of whom were working for Trans Media, and were arrested during the raid on the company’s offices.

Palestinian journalists often describe their work as a form of “resistance,” as they believe their stories show the world the devastating effects of Israel’s policies on Palestinians and provide Palestinians an outlet for their voices in a media climate that is often overshadowed by pro-Israeli narratives.

MADA noted that it monitored one violation on media freedom by the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank.


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