Wed. Dec 12 2018

Israel approves 240 new settlement homes in East Jerusalem

Israeli occupation authorities do not respect the international community which delegitimised settement.

Nov 09 2017

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Israeli authorities approved on Wednesday building permits for 240 new settlement units in illegal settlements in occupied East Jerusalem.

A city planning committee approved 90 units in Gilo and another 150 in Ramat Shlomo, as well as 44 units for Palestinians in Beit Hanina.

Israeli NGO Ir Amim condemned the move.

“Jerusalem residents deserve to live in a safe and thriving city, which will only happen once there’s a fair agreement that recognises the Israeli and Palestinian ownership of the city,” said the organisation’s spokesperson Aviv Tatarsky.

“Instead of advancing such an agreement, Israeli authorities continue with the same familiar unilateral moves that only distance it.”

East Jerusalem forms part of the occupied Palestinian territory, held by Israel under military occupation since 1967.

Although Israel unilaterally annexed the territory of East Jerusalem, this move has never been recognised internationally.


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