Wed. Dec 12 2018

One new baby is born in Gaza every 10 minutes

Only two per cent of Gaza's population are over 65 years old.

Nov 06 2017

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Official statistics released on Sunday showed that 5,058 new babies were born in Gaza in October, with an average of 163 babies per day or six babies per hour.

The statistics showed an increase by 541 new births since September, during which 4,517 new babies were born in the Gaza Strip.

According to the statistics, 51 per cent of the new babies were males and 49 per cent of them were females, 2,549 males and 2,509 females.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian interior ministry registered 242 deaths during the same month, 121 females and 121 males.

Statistics of 2016 showed that the population growth rate in Gaza is 2.39 per cent, with a birth rate of 32.3/1,000 and death rate of 3.2/1,000.


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