Wed. Dec 12 2018

Palestinian driver killed near West Bank settlement ‘not terrorist’

Israeli soldiers do not care about killing Palestinians because the killers always go unpunished.

Nov 01 2017

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Israeli occupation army recognised on Wednesday that the Palestinian driver who was killed by Israeli soldiers near illegal West Bank settlement of Halamish on Tuesday was not terrorist.

On Tuesday morning, the Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire at Palestinian car near the illegal settlement of Halamish in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli fire killed the Palestinian driver Mohamed Musa, 26, and wounded his sister Latifa Musa, 33, in her shoulder.

About the reason of opening fire at the unarmed civilian Palestinians, the Israeli army claimed that the driver attempted to carry out a vehicular attack.

Israeli media reported the Israeli army saying that a Palestinian car with Israeli number plates passed across an Israeli patrol near the illegal settlement.

The patrol contacted the Israeli checkpoint adjacent to the settlement and told them about the Palestinian car with the Israeli plates.

When the Palestinian car appeared for the Israeli checkpoint, the Israeli soldiers opened fire at the car, killing the driver and wounding his sister.

A couple of days ago, the Israeli occupation opened fire at a Palestinian car at the same road, claiming the driver attempted to carry out an attack, but later on it recognised that the car collided without any attempt of carrying out an attack.


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