Wed. Dec 12 2018

Israel shuts down Palestinian media companies

Israel does not want the Palestinians to let the people know about the savage Israeli oppression being practised against them.

Oct 18 2017

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Israeli occupation forces closed on Wednesday five Palestinian media companies in occupied West Bank to crackdown on free Palestinian journalism.

The Israeli military authority in the occupied territories, COGAT, said in a statement that it raided eight Palestinian companies, accusing them of inciting violence against Israel.

Palestinian sources said that the Israeli occupation forces also had stolen all the broadcasting equipment, computers and others properties of these companies.

“These practices are part of a mentality that rejects peace,” said Palestinian government spokesman Yusuf Mahmoud.

Israel also reportedly abducted 16 Palestinians in overnight raids across the West Bank, according to Palestinian Prisoners Club.

The raids came a week after rival Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah reached a deal to heal their decade-long rift and form a unity government.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week that Israel is opposed to any deal involving Hamas unless the group disarms and recognises Israel, requests which have also been made by the US.


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