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Hundreds of extremist Israeli Jewish settlers run riot in Jerusalem's Old City

Israeli NGO accused the Israeli police, which made no arrests, of attempting to hide the nature of the attack as it described it a fight between two groups of youths.

Oct 15 2017

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Palestinian shop owner was hospitalised after hundreds of Extremist Jewish settelrs rioted in the Jerusalem's Old City, an eyewitness told mass media.

Approximately 400 extremist Israeli Jewish settlers marched through the Old City from Al-Buraq Wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque towards the Damascus Gate, an eyewitness said.

While they were walking, the extremist Israeli Jewish settlers were shouting, beating the doors of houses and shops, throwing rocks and smashing car windows. 

As they approached Damascus Gate, they stormed an open shop and attacked the shop's Palestinian owner, who was taken to Hadassah University Hospital to be treated for his wounds.

Later on, about 20 Israeli police officers arrived at the scene and escorted the extremist Israeli Jewish rioters out of the Old City.

However, no arrests were made. Police issued a statement on Thursday morning saying that there had been a fight between two groups of youths.

Police confirmed that an investigation had been opened into the incident and that damage had been caused to a shop, and a number of motor vehicles.

Louis Zorba, a resident in the area, spoke to Haaretz saying: "I heard shouts and banging on the houses, but we are used to it because it happens every time there is a Jewish holiday."

"I told the officers that if it were Palestinians who were rioting, they would have sent for reinforcements, and probably shot tear gas and stun grenades."

NGO Ir Amim said: "This is not the first time that the police have not done their job to protect the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem."

The NGO accused the police of attempting to hide the nature of the attack when it described it in as a fight between groups of youths, and not as an attack on Palestinians and their property.


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