Fri. Sep 21 2018

Israeli occupation abduct 21 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Israeli undercover forces abducted three youth near Jerusalem

Sep 30 2017

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Israeli occupation forces abducted on Saturday night 21 Palestinian citizens from occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Palestinian sources said that the Israeli occupation forces carried out raids in Jenin and abducted 14 Palestinians from the town of Yaabad.

The Palestinian sources said that a number of minors were among those abducted by the Israeli occupation forces, noting that they were treated violently.

In Bethlehem, the Israeli occupation forces raided several homes and abducted three Palestinians from their homes.

Meanwhile, in the central West Bank town of Biddu, near Jerusalem, undercover Israeli forces abducted three Palestinian youths after raiding a home in the town.

Right groups said that the Israeli occupation forces abducted 522 Palestinians, including 130 minors and 16 women, over the course of the month of August.

The total number of Palestinians in Israeli prisons reached 6,300 prisoners, the report said, 64 of them women and girls, 350 boys, 450 under administrative detention and 12 MPs.


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