Sun. Feb 17 2019

Israeli forces uproot tens of Palestinian trees in West Bank

Israeli occupation always attack Palestinian trees and crops when the fruits ripe.

Sep 20 2017

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Israeli forces uprooted on Wednesday dozens of fruit trees and leveled Palestinian land west of West Bank city of Nablus.

Tareq Hazzaa, the owner of the land, said that a bulldozer escorted by Israeli Civil Administration forces razed more than 50 fig and lemon trees that were bearing fruit.

He said that the Israeli occupation told him that the work was undertaken to expand the main Nablus-Tulkarem road near the Beit Lid crossroads and to create a roundabout in the area.

The land owner said that the Israeli occupation leveled about two dunams out of his four-dunam piece of land.

Israeli forces and settlers regularly attack olive and fruit trees in a bid to oust Palestinian farmers from their land, and a loss of a year's crops can cause destitution for farming families.

Beit Lid is located adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement Einav, and hundreds of fruit trees have been uprooted in the area over the years on land confiscated from the Palestinian village for development of the settlement.


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