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Israel recognises burning Palestinian family to death

Sep 11 2017

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Former Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon recognised on Sunday that Israel is responsible for burning Palestinian Dawabsheh family to death in 2015. Speaking to Israeli Radio, Ya’alon said: “When the Israeli soldiers wanted to evacuate settlers’ homes, the settlers threw stones at them and the Education Minister Naftali Bennet stood up and attacked the Supreme Court.” “Therefore, we do not have to feel surprised when the settlers uproot the Arabs’ olive trees, burn mosques or churches or burn a family in Duma village – the family whose blood our hands are tainted with.” On 31 July 2015, a group of Israeli settlers burnt the house of the Dawabsheh family in Duma village in the outskirts of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, killing baby Ali and his parents Sa’ad and Riham. Only then four-year-old Ahmed survived the blaze. Israel has refused to pay compensation to the family of Ahmad Dawabsheh. Ya’alon resigned from the post of defence minister after differences with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his support for the right of army officers to freely express their opinion. Since his resignation, he has been an outspoken critic for the policies of Netanyahu’s government. It is expected that he will compete for the post of prime minister in any future election.

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