Tue. Aug 21 2018

Who we are

Days of Palestine is an electronic platform specialised in providing first-hand news, information, photos and videos about the Israeli occupation for Palestine straight from reporters, photographers and producers on the ground. This alone should be enough to make this platform worthy of your attention.

In addition, you will find our content strong, credible and uncensored. Depending on our news platform means, you are getting the latest updates about the Israeli occupation for Palestine and all other related issues.

We have, in our website, a special section specialised in exposing the Israeli violations and crimes against Palestine and the Palestinians.

Newsworthy stories

Israeli occupation carries out different kinds of daily aggression against the Palestinians such as arrest campaigns, uprooting trees, demolishing houses, etc… The reoccurrence of such incidents on a daily basis does not mean they became not newsworthy, but they remain newsworthy just because the their reoccurrence as we want to let the visitors of our website know about the ironic democracy of the Zionist state, which has been supported by the US and most of the Western governments.


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